Welcome to 72 Squadron

Welcome to 72 Sqn ‘The Ghosts’, which by a happy coincidence, formed on Halloween 2020.

We are flight sim enthusiasts from across Europe who enjoy flying the F16 in Falcon BMS. We strike a balance between ‘as real as it gets’ and ‘grip it and rip it’ flying, leaning more towards ‘as real as it gets’, whilst remembering this is still a hobby and that real life comes first!

We follow our own Standard Operating Procedures to ensure we fly effectively as a unit. We have created a bespoke training course called ‘Viper School’ to help pilots who are new to the sim, new to multiplayer flying or just new to working as a unit. Viper School is available to all new recruits. For those that are already comfortable with the content covered in Viper School, we offer a fast track course through Viper School. More advanced training courses are open to all members.

We fly twice a week (Tuesday training nights and Thursday mission nights) and we are looking forward to flying alongside other BMS Squadrons and Wings in the near future, as well as our friends at Falcon Events.

We now have an established IP cadre and are now OPEN FOR RECRUITMENT (limited slots available).

If you were looking for our friends at the 72nd Virtual Fighter Wing, please follow this link to their website: http://www.72ndvfw.org/